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TFT LCD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thin film transistor liquid crystal display ( TFT-LCD ) is a variant of liquid crystal display (LCD) which uses thin-film transistor (TFT) technology ...

LCD - Silky (@TheSilkiest) on Twitter
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Calculator MaxiCalc Pro: with Big Retro LCD and 80's Vintage Paper Tape, Percentage, Basic and Scientific ...
Get Calculator MaxiCalc Pro: with Big Retro LCD and 80's Vintage Paper Tape, Percentage, Basic and Scientific for iPad Retina HD on the App Store. ...

Schematic for Nokia LCD - Flickr - Photo Sharing!
ATmega48 with a Nokia 6100 LCD. More at

Turn LCDs into Electroluminescent Displays - Luxprint Experiments - YouTube
Jeri experiments with Dupont Luxprint Electroluminescent inks and converts an old LCD into a simple EL display. She also demonstrates that super ...

Next year’s LCD iPhones might allow OLED-style near-bezel-free designs
Although LCD iPhones are now starting to feel like the poor relation of the shiny new OLED screens used in the iPhone X , it seems that the gap ...

Philips Demos 328P8K: 8K UHD LCD with Webcam, Docking, Coming in 2018
... designers, engineers, photographers and other professionals looking for maximum resolution and accurate colors. Essentially, Dell's 8K LCD is ...

Motorola announces the mid-range Moto X4, with a Snapdragon 630, dual cameras, and a 5.2" LCD display ...
After plenty of leaks, Motorola has finally announced the resurrection of the Moto X, which should be a happy day for those who have fond memories ...

Full Active LCD Displays Coming to 2018 iPhones?
Next year could see the arrival of iPhones that use Full Active LCD displays. The technology, developed by Japan Display, could be used on Apple’s ...

Apple considering 'Full Active' LCDs from Japan Display for 2018 iPhones
Apple is reportedly considering "Full Active" LCDs by Japan Display for use in some of next year's iPhones, perhaps supporting views it will ...

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