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Locations of Half-Life - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Half-Life video game series features many locations set in a dystopian future stemming from the events of the first game, Half-Life . These ...

Facebook Messenger rolling out hour-long Live Location sharing feature
Facebook has constantly added new features to Messenger since it became a standalone chat app, and Live Location is the latest to join the list. ...

Like to Visit the Pub Sometimes? Stella Artois Uses Location History to Know
... a campaign aiming ads at people based on the predicted likelihood that they'll stop by a bar soon. But the increased use of historical location ...

Google Maps Will Soon Let Users Share Their Real-Time Locations, Trips
Google Maps will soon allow users to share their real-time locations with friends and family without leaving the application. With this update, ...

Google disables location sharing in Google+ before enabling it for everyone in Google Maps
Last week, Google announced new location sharing features in Google Maps that would allow you to easily share your current position momentarily ...

Use Google Maps to Let Your Friends Track Your Location in Real Time
... surprise birthday party) or when parents want to keep track of their kids’ whereabouts. And so it has introduced Google Maps real-time location ...

Google Maps gets real-time location sharing
Location sharing is back in Google Maps. Google announced the addition of " real-time location sharing " to the Android and iOS apps, coming ...

Facebook Messenger now lets you share your location for an hour at a time
Facebook is introducing a new feature to its Messenger app for iOS and Android that makes it possible to share your current location with contacts. ...

Google Maps will soon let you share your real-time location — here's how it works
... shower, you're not going to like this news: Google is updating its popular Maps app with new features to let friends view each other's location ...

Police: Shootings at 3 locations in small Wisconsin city
Police: Shootings at 3 locations in small Wisconsin city

Montréal Dorval
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