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Bold Poker for iOS
This looks fantastic. The app replaces the deck of cards and deals to the player’s iPhones.

Poker table - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A poker table is a table specifically designed for playing card games, usually poker . It is often covered with baize which is a type of felt, ...

Las Vegas casinos continue to close poker rooms
When the Monte Carlo casino closes its eight-table poker room in about a month as part of a $450 million overhaul, the Las Vegas Strip will be ...

Computer conquers poker using GTX 1080 video card
Unlike chess and go, poker players don't have full knowledge of the game state.

4 poker pros lost $1.8 million to an AI program
When it comes to poker, humans have traditionally had the upper hand on computers. But this week, it was announced that four of the world's ...

Why chess kids put on a "poker face" - Videos - CBS News CBS News Logo
The 60 Minutes team discovers that Dr. B's chess lessons are about more than kings and queens. They're about winning graciously and learning ...

Traders used poker games and food menus to cover up illegal trades but then AI found out
Behavox uses AI to analyze employees in an organization, build up a picture of workers and then flag anything untoward.

Humans lick their wounds after losing to AI in poker
In a battle of man vs. machine, the humans are dominated at the poker table.

Poker tables keep decreasing on Nevada casino floors
LAS VEGAS (AP) — When the Monte Carlo closes its eight-table poker room in about a month as part of a $450 million overhaul, the Las Vegas Strip ...

Decision-Making Robot Defeats Four Human Poker Pros, Now Looking For A Real Job
... customer service , telemarketing , and mall security . But now there’s a robot that wants to take away a job that seems enjoyable: pro poker ...

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